How do you express being Hispanic? (quiz challenge ahead)

Being Hispanic can manifest itself in countless different ways: Do you have a favorite word en español, even if you’re not fluent? What’s your take on hugging people? How does your extended family communicate with you? Whichever your angle is, we added something in this multiple choice quiz for everyone. Kind of like how McDonald’s added more choices to their All Day Breakfast menu, which now includes Muffin, Biscuit and McGriddles sandwiches.

We’ve created an interactive quiz to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month that will help you express your way of connecting with Hispanic culture, or help you chuckle at those things you know are true.

Make sure to submit your answers before October 15. That is when the RiseUpAsOne border concert is happening, and the glorious day on which we will publish your most popular results and responses. Adelante…

Now go check out the new All Day Breakfast menu at McDonald’s, which now includes Muffin, Biscuit and McGriddles sandwiches.


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