Enough with fitness tracking – what about data tracking?

When you think of tracking these days, it almost always has the word “fitness” in front of it. Keeping track of your steps, your meals, and your weight have all become de rigueur. Sure, these all help you feel happy and great and to be a generally better person…but do they help you save money on your cellular plan, like the new My Verizon app does?

Didn’t think so. One point for Verizon and data tracking. Take THAT, extensive fitness and health regimen!

What, exactly, can the new Verizon Plan do for you? While using our phones, we tend to consume data at a crazy fast rate, from Snapchat to Twitter to Googling “how many calories in a burrito bowl vs. burrito?” The best way to make sure that you don’t blow through your gigs and rack up huge charges is to track what you use…but there’s a hard way and an easy way to do that. The hard way involves being that person who goes into airplane mode to save a few bucks. Try the easy way instead — manage your data with the new My Verizon app. Here are a few ways it can help you to stop worrying about data tracking.

Carry Over Your Data

You ever have one of those months where you just can’t use up your data, no matter how hard you try? We don’t either, but they exist, we swear! The Carryover Data feature on the new Verizon Plan is for those months when you spend a little more time trapped in the subway without service, or you lose your phone, or you go on a self-imposed internet hiatus, or whatever, and you end up with unused data at the end of the month. With Carryover Data, your unused gigs will automatically roll over until the end of the next month. Think about all of those streaming possibilities!

Practice Safety

No one denies the fact that there are essential functions on the internet that we can’t live without (email, texts from family and friends, maps) and those that are, shall we say, inessential (social media, catching that one last virtual character before bed). This is why Verizon created Safety Mode, a feature available for free on the new Verizon XL or larger plans, or for just $5 per month on the Small, Medium and Large plans. Typically, once your data is used up for the month, you need to wait until your data allowance resets for the next month. However, choose Safety Mode and you can stay online, albeit at a reduced speed*, even after you’ve used all your data. You won’t need to choose between posting that Instagram video or checking your work email ever again.

Boost Your Data

But wait, you say. What good is being online if I can’t do (almost) anything I want?! Well then, use the new Data Boost feature. Data Boost lets you buy additional data for just $15/GB. And if you’re using more than a few gigabytes of data while you’re already in Safety Mode? You might want to consider a bigger plan. Just saying…

With all of these options, plus more data to start with on each of their five plan sizes, you can flat-out do more on your Verizon phone. Click here to download the new My Verizon app now and enjoy your data alongside your burrito bowl.

* At 128 kbps speeds, streaming audio or video content may be affected.