The best Warcraft reaction GIFs for any occasion

Warcraft fans, rejoice: the movie is finally here. We’ve been prepping for the big event by watching the trailer over and over again (22 million other people seem to have the same idea) and picking our favorite reaction GIFs.

Whether you’re emailing a coworker or texting your little sister, here are the best Warcraft reaction GIFs for any situation.

When someone says “you look really tired today”

When someone asks you to jump on a conference call


Walking into work on Monday like

Leaving work on Friday like


When someone asks “Where do you want to be in 10 years?”

When your friend asks you to be his wingman for the night


When you look in the mirror after a big party weekend


When you’re at the airport and your flight gets delayed


When you find money on the ground and have a moral dilemma


When your mom asks whether you ate the last cookie


When you look at the weather forecast and it’s going to rain all week

Check out the full trailer below and find out whereWarcraft is playing in a theater near you on.


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