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'Shark Girl' gives us a lesson on swimming with predators

We kill 100 Million sharks a year and are driving them to extinction. Fusion teamed up with Madison Stewart to raise awareness about the real threats facing our ecosystem and celebrate the truth about sharks.

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What happened when a team of shark experts, scientists, conservationists, and journalists went on an expedition to Cocos Island

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Adrian Grenier: 'We're going to have to pay for it when the oceans collapse'

Actor and filmmaker Adrian Grenier joined us on our expedition to Cocos Island, Costa Rica and dove with sharks for the first time.

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Shark Land: A Mission Blue and Fusion Expedition

Admired for its populations of stingrays, dolphins, hammerhead sharks, and other marine life, Cocos Island is a pristine national park off the shore of Costa Rica. But right now, poachers are plundering hammerheads in and around Cocos Island for their fins—and the Costa Rican government is failing to enforce the laws that could stop the …