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Do politicians keep their promises?

Over the past 70 years, American presidents have kept about 70% of their campaign promises.

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How to fix America’s voting problem

The United States has one of the lowest voting rates of any developed country, with only 53.6% of all eligible voters taking part in the 2012 presidential election. Why don’t more Americans vote?

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What role does money really play in winning elections?

The 2016 presidential race is on pace to be the most expensive in history, with billions of dollars being spent. But does money win elections?

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Why this election cycle has been a historically difficult decision for voters

Trump and Clinton are the two most disliked candidates in the history of American polling. What does that say about the United States, our candidates for president, and the coming election?

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Why your vote is majorly influential

The 2016 presidential election will have the most diverse set of voters in U.S. history, with one in three eligible voters being black, Latinx, Asian American, or from another community of color. How will this affect the election results?