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The Greenest Panties in the World

As consumers eschew fast fashion for clothing they can support ethically, the connection between what you wear and how it was made has become more important than ever. This video explores the social and environmental challenges in the apparel industry today though the lens of one type of clothing: panties.

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Climate Change

Three towns that aren’t waiting for world leaders to take climate change action

This video explores several communities across the world doing their best to adopt to a low-carbon future in which sustainability and clean energy help offset the impacts of climate change. Featuring Burlington, Vermont; Dardesheim, Germany; and Dharnai, India. This is an episode of “In the World,” a series that features the people, places, and organizations …

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Project Earth

Formula E offers all the speed without the side effects

The second season of Formula E, the world's first fully electric racing series, kicks off at the end of October with the 2015 Beijing ePrix. Enthusiasts of the sport hope it will serve as a major technical and cultural boost for the electric vehicle market, impacting the future course of the entire automobile industry.

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Climate Change

Costa Rica beats its record: 100% clean energy for 94 straight days

Costa Rica has pledged to be fully carbon neutral by 2021. We traveled there to see how the country and its citizens are realizing this ambitious goal. This is an episode of "In the World," a Fusion original web series that features the people, places, and organizations across the globe that are on the forefront of the green energy movement.