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This is How Bees Self-Medicate

Every bee is its own doctor. Seriously. Bees have incredibly sophisticated systems for fighting off infection with materials like nectar and plant resin. And you can help them by planting specific flowers in your garden. Producer: Lucas Isakowitz Supervising Producer: Allie Jaynes Executive Producer: Michelle Nash Illustrators: Grace Berrios and Jackie Albano Animator: Raúl Ávila

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Project Earth

Trees look isolated above ground, but underground they're talking all the time

Trees use a vast underground network to send each other nutrients and warn their their neighbors about droughts and disease.

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Project Earth

Dolphins might be better at remembering names than you

Wish you were better at remembering names? Maybe you should ask a dolphin. Bottlenose dolphins each have unique names, and they can remember other dolphins' names for decades.

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These tiny rodents are one of the world's few monogamous mammals

When prairie voles first have sex, they fall in love for life. These tiny rodents are one of the world's few monogamous mammals, which is why scientists are studying them to understand the secrets of human love, infidelity, and why you get so damn attached to people you sleep with.