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Sea turtles, once thriving across the planet, are imperiled by illegal human activity

Sea turtles have survived since the time of the dinosaurs. Now they're being pushed to extinction by black market trade.

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Project Earth

Demand for tiger products is threatening the existence of wild tigers

There are less than 4,000 wild tigers left on the planet. Here's how the growing captive tiger trade may be pushing these big cats toward extinction.

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How the bushmeat trade is driving great apes toward extinction

Bonobos, chimpanzees, and gorillas are our closest living relatives, sharing about 98% of our DNA. But they’re also some of the species most threatened by humans.

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Poachers are killing rhinos for reasons that make no sense

Rhino horn is touted as a cure for cancer and hangovers, and is sold on the black market at prices equivalent to gold, diamonds, or cocaine. But you’re likely to get the same health benefits from chewing your fingernails as you are from drinking powdered rhino horn tea.