Sex. Drugs. Organs. With the right money, they’re all there for the taking. Join host Nelufar Hedayat as she travels the globe to track down the buyers and sellers who make black markets move. Join Nelufar every Sunday at 10 PM on Fusion or get a season pass on iTunes.


Trafficking: A Global Story

The Criminal Aura Graph brings to life years of research on international trafficking from the Vortex Foundation. See for yourself how money, minerals, humans and more move between buyers and sellers around the world.

Source: Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán, Jose Arturo Cano, The Vortex Foundation and The Global Observatory of Transnational Criminal Networks

Episode One: The Dark Side of Adoption


Episode Two: Killed for a Horn


Episode Three: Organs For Sale

Episode Four: Guns and Gangs

Episode Five: Bloody Gold

Episode Six: The $3000 Meal

Episode Seven: The Girl In The Window

Episode Eight: Fake Pharma

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