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Why stop at ‘CSI: Cyber’? 18 Internet-inspired TV shows we’re dying to watch

CBS recently announced the newest property in the CSI franchise. The title CSI: Cyber is almost retro as it aims to be contemporary — perfect for CBS’ often older-skewing audience in a time when users over 55 are social media’s fastest-growing demographic. With a MySpace Top 8-worthy cast (including 2015 Oscar winner Patricia Arquette,1999 Teen Choice Award winner James Van Der Beek and 2013 Catfish impersonation victim Shad “Bow Wow” Moss), we’re expecting the police procedural to be a big hit. In fact, we’ve got several suggestions for other TV shows hoping to get in on this world wide web wide phenomenon with a cyberspace spinoff. Check out the gallery of internet-TV mashup shows we imagine could be big hits, above.

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