The hideous shoes of fashion week (you may end up wearing next season)

Fall 2015 Fashion Month is still underway and with it come the “so-cray-they’re-good” shoes.

Though I could never muster up the courage to shuffle along in Gucci’s long-haired guinea pig-looking mules next fall, I think I am hardcore enough of a “fashion person” to wear at least half of these styles. Like, without a sense of irony.

In fact, I grew super jealous when Rihanna pounded through the New York snow last week in an advanced pair of Alexander Wang’s goth clompers. If you hear the thud! thud! of a hardened stomp behind you next fall, it’s probably me, so just let me through.

Click through the gallery above to see some of the debatably fugly shoes you may or may not be wearing very soon.

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